Friday, November 18, 2016

One for the Road

My best friend and I went shopping together recently and just for the hell of it, I tried on a cocktail dress that was on clearance. It was pretty, if not a bit large in the bust. Then she asked The Deadly Question: "It's nice, but where would you wear it?" And I didn't buy it, because the answer is "nowhere". It would just hang in my closet gathering dust. Hell, I don't even go to the movies, let alone anything formal enough to require a dress.

I'm not exactly "putting myself out there", because, hello, introvert, but I think, fleetingly sometimes, that it would be nice to have someone with whom to do stuff.  Being a spinster librarian kind of sucks. I guess the upside is that I get to read whenever, and how much, I want.

I just don't know anymore. I'm not dead yet. I want to meet somebody, but I doubt that whoever he is really exists. 

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