Friday, November 21, 2014

Dress You Up

I'm still running on Madonna fumes. I've mentioned before that eShakti has enabled me to have a wardrobe of styles I've been dying to own for years- and I just ordered the most beautiful dress that has a two-layer skirt with wide chevrons of tulle over a peachy-pink underskirt. It's basically an early-evening dinner dress, for candlelit dinners that I won't be having anytime soon, but the urge to own it was overwhelming. My mother would have appreciated the skill involved in that skirt.

They say that we should dress for the jobs we want...well, most days feel like I'm putting on a costume, rather than getting dressed for work; that has more to do with perception and feeling than it does with how or why I should dress for my job. I came from a position where we were encouraged to dress like first-grade teachers, at which I arrived from a state university, where I was expected to wear business attire. My current job involves fairly casual clothing since anything too formal would scare our students to death- they already feel intimidated enough talking to staff in the offices, and we don't want to add to it.

What I would like is to have somewhere to wear this fantastic wardrobe. The world has become increasingly casual all the way around, and there just aren't as many opportunities that don't cost an arm, leg, and a kidney to experience to which one would wear beautiful clothes. Life runs at the speed of casual dining versus anywhere that might have tablecloths and/or candles- and those moments belong to younger, prettier women than me.

I always say that I don't believe in "magical moments", and yet I keep waiting for them. I try not to want too much. It reminds me of an exchange between Frankenfurter and Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 

Magenta: "I ask for nothing!"
Frankenfurter: "And you shall receive it in abundance!"

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