Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drama is Appropriate Only in the Theatre, Sugar

There are people who stew in their own drama. They think a big entrance and an even more explosive exit are the way to go. As a supervisor, here are a few observations on why this is a Bad Thing:

A) Your ingratitude is duly noted,
B) undesirable behavior that was overlooked for a long time is now writ large for the world to see,
C) this will come back to haunt you.

When you're leaving a job, even if you hated it, it's best to be circumspect on the way out the door. Making a scene or exiting in such a way that deliberately maximizes the inconvenience to your  employer (when leaving by choice) emphasizes all of your very worst qualities. It doesn't reflect upon them, it reflects upon you.

My mother always said, "Dignity in all things." This isn't an enjoinder to be aloof, arrogant, or just plain old stuck-up; what it really means is that you should conduct yourself with grace even in situations where you'd like to tear somebody's head off or read them the Riot Act. One doesn't break down, blow up, or "show out" until the doors are safely closed behind us and no one can witness the aftermath.

In all, don't burn the bridge. Don't bite the hand that once fed you. Don't plow the fields with salt. One never knows when one might be served with the consequences of not keeping one's head.

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