Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No Fat Chicks

Dear Guy with the "No Fat Chicks" Window Decal:

So you have that decal- well, you haven't had a date in how long? (I'm just making a guess here.) Furthermore, you have those big steel testicles attached to your truck.

Really? Overcompensating much? One can only assume that your bait and tackle are lacking, and by the way, women don't like to be called "chicks". Good luck getting a date, or if by some stretch of the imagination you do, good luck keeping that date once she gets a gander at your choice of truck decor.

See, we all pretty much think we're fat, whether we are or not. It's a female insecurity thing. Might want to scrape that off or risk not ever having female companionship again- assuming you've ever had it in the first place.


A Fat Woman Who Thinks You're an Idiot

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jenny3boys said...

We have a car at work with a front windshield sticker that says "no fat girls - turbo will lag". We alll thought it was tacky but fate intervened. Its been in the same spot unmoved for almost 2 weeks now. POS car for a POS attitude.