Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random Axe(s) of Unkindness

So, The Boyfriend hit the door last night having worked all weekend and then been asked to cover an additional three hours ( thus giving up the last bit of the holiday) so that "people who have children" could enjoy Memorial Day "with their families". That was bad enough, but you can imagine my surprise when he came through the door and informed me, "He was running through the woods, chasing me with an axe."

He was a little...upset...and you would be, too, if you'd just spent a couple of hours being chased around the woods in ninety-five degree heat by a hatchet-wielding mentally challenged man with whom you have to work one-on-one every day.

The Boyfriend works for a residential caregiving agency that deals with mentally challenged adults. This particular client's behavior has been ramping up for a couple of weeks, culminating in this horror-movie outtake in the woods of rural Kentucky. Basically, the client decided that he wanted to 'go hiking' and was armed with a small hatchet (I use a machete, myself) to clear underbrush as he hiked. An hour or so out in the middle of nowhere, he wheeled around on The Boyfriend, brandishing the hatchet, and announced that he knew that they were lost, The Boyfriend would do whatever he (the client) wanted, or ELSE.

Did I mention that The Boyfriend is a blackbelt? It was a deliberate attempt to provoke him into striking the client, who knows that this would result in criminal charges, not to mention termination. His life would've been immediately and permanently destroyed if he'd been forced to disarm the client.  This guy is a squirrel; he's ruined several lives and gotten a number of employees fired from this organization using these wiles. He's also toured almost all of these agencies in the state...he never stays long, because either he demands to leave or they kick him loose to spread the joy of his presence to other care agencies. He is not Mister Popularity. He's dangerous, not just in the physical sense.

The Boyfriend is also a social worker by trade and education, so his response to the threat was to say, "No," and walk away. When he got home, it was a different story: he was supposed to return to that client's residence for an overnight shift. He called his supervisor and told him,"You need to find somebody else. I am really too angry to discuss it right now, and I will explain when I turn in my timesheet tomorrow...but I am not working with that client tonight." Strangely, and fortunately, his boss did find someone else to take the shift. He was still sort of wound up when he finally went to bed a hot bath, dinner, and a couple of beers later.

They did have a little chat this morning about it, during which The Boyfriend brought up the matter of the hatchet. After his boss collected his jaw off the floor, plans were made to address the situation. I don't know about you all, but I'm relieved that the client didn't plant that hatchet in The Boyfriend's skull- especially since he's paid minimum wage without benefits to work for this outfit. It's making fast food look like a really great career choice by comparison.

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