Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to School

Somewhat because of Hopkins' late-breaking news of returning to college to, at long (effing) last finish his bachelors', I decided that if he could go back, I need to suck it up, retake the GRE, and apply for my doctorate.

In addition to my library science degree, I have a subject masters' in history. Near the end of the program, though, I suffered a burnout. I lost patience with the endless posturing and bickering of some of the more aggressive students and told my advisor that if I didn't do something else, I was going to stab somebody with a pen in the middle of a three hour seminar on Post-Modern Something-or-Other. That's how I ended up in library school; I took one class over there as a visitor and realized immediately, "These people like each other! They're nice to each other! Frabjous day! I want to like people again!!!" I applied for, and was accepted to, library school.

Now that I'm senior faculty and have developed a thick hide owing mostly to digging in my heels against rampant folly and time wastage while I've served on our faculty council, I think I can handle the adolescent bullcrap that any of the newly-minted MAs feel like tossing out on the table. That is to say, of course, I will not put up with their crap and will freely hand them their oversized heads on a plate as the situation dictates. In history, you don't have to like anybody, and moreover, you are supposed to knife each other in the back at every available opportunity. Heh, heh, heh...don't tempt me, Skippy, I'm older and I have more insurance- along with tenure and a full professorship. I don't have anything to prove, so you can save it for the more easily impressed or readily victimized.

I have a lot of stuff to do. Three letters of recommendation, a book review, finding a copy of my thesis to resubmit as a writing sample, and yay, reviewing my math for the GRE. The deadline for this year is February 15th, which I doubt that I'll make. I'll just keep plugging away at it until I get finished. If he has no excuse, neither do I. Where one went, the other was never far behind.

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