Friday, November 18, 2011

If It's Monday, We Must Be in Cleveland

When I was in high school, my life was scheduled. There was a reason for this: I didn't want to be home if I could possibly avoid it, and I had excellent reasons. My typical after school schedule looked like this:
Monday: Ballet 3:00, Academic Team departs 4:15, returns 9:15ish
Tuesday: Band, 2:45-5:45 (I quit Girl Scouts for Band)
Wednesday: Academic Team practice, 2:30-4:30 (I quit voice lessons for AT)
Thursday:Band, 2:45-5:45
Friday: Band/Football game, 5:30-8:30; dance, 9:00-12:00
Saturday: Band contest, all day (fall semester)
Sunday: Church, 10:00-12:00, Church Youth 4:00-7:00 (sometimes), and Christmas Vesper rehearsals, Sept-Dec., 4:00-6:00

I also lived for various school trips...I was in Beta Club, and the annual convention was in December. I was also in Co-Ed Y, so I participated in both Model UN and Model Assembly; that was a trip per semester. The History Club traveled, rather frequently, and because I was the sponsor's pet student I often go to go on field trips with the senior political science class- although I was only a sophomore or junior.

Yesterday, I was thinking about a particular trip to the state capitol to meet a man who just unsuccessfully ran for governor. It was at the beginning of his career; back then, he had a different wife, children, and party affiliation...and trust me, things haven't improved with the advent of a new (much younger) wife, the absence of his children, and his hitching his wagon to the Right...but I still think about this trip every time I'm in the capital city, largely because of the Blondes in the Red Ferrari.

There's a long hill leading into downtown Frankfort, and as we bumped along in the school bus en route to the capitol building, two blondes in a red Ferrari convertible zipped up alongside us. The bus listed a bit as every boy on the trip crowded the left side, trying to ogle the blondes, while all of the girls instantly assumed a frosty demeanor. When the boys didn't immediately cease the drooling and staring, I announced, loudly, at Hopkins: "If you don't sit down RIGHT NOW, I will incinerate your physics homework when we get home."

"But, but, I was just looking at the CAR!"

I'm not normally missish, but this was pretty motivating. "Sure you were, looking at the CAR, that is." I sniffed dramatically, switched seats, and pointedly turned away from him. Bless his heart, Hopkins took a lot of crap from the other boys as he trailed me around the capitol in utter misery; I don't think I've ever admired the murals or the stone in that building more closely than I did that day. In retrospect, he was there for much the same reason as I: overscheduling keeps you out of the house, and we both knew where the respective bodies were buried. I should've been nicer to him- especially since it should've occurred to me that I was about to lose him forever...but we never realize those things until it's far too late.

And P.S., I still hate red Ferrari convertibles.

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