Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Geek Love? Really?

I'll let you in on a little secret: the major difference between geek love, which has caught the interest of TLC enough to merit a television series, and 'normal' love, is probably the fact that geeks are, as a general rule, highly eclectic, parochial in their interests (Star Trek versus Star Wars, anyone?), painfully shy and prone to overthinking EVERYTHING. Then again, I guess I have no basis for comparison, being a geek.

Courtship is something that seems to come more readily to non-geeks, and what's been painful for me is that even within that milieu, my appearance still renders me a marginal candidate for attention. Imagine, if you will, still being rejected by the smart boys. Unless it's happened to you, you probably can't...and I have the distinction of having been rejected by the smartest of the smart (who in all fairness, also puts the fun in dysfunctional, but I digress).

As my colleague and fellow geek Bill just pointed out a few minutes ago, there's also the issue of geek interest alignment. While both parties may be Quantum Geekerati, if their particular foci don't align, forget it. I have been dumped over my lack of interest in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" as well as "Bulletproof Monk" and "Angel: The Series". Sadly, I'm a Paul Newman fan, just not that movie, and I've seen "Bulletproof Monk"; I OWN the whole run of "Angel" on DVD. At the end of the day, I was really more insulted that they wouldn't spit out the real incompatibilities, and instead, insulted my geek cred because it wasn't exactly like theirs. It burned me up.

[Incidentally, while reading the "Geek Love" story on a geek newsfeed, a popup caught my eye, and I exclaimed to Bill: "Holy crap, look at that Scarlet Witch cosplay costume! It's AWESOME!" Ummm. Yeah, way to _totally_ geek out there, girl.]

Probably what I'm dreading the most is that "Geek Love" is set specifically in the context of speed dating at SciFi conventions. Hello, stereotype much? I am slightly agoraphobic, so the con scene is scary and repellent to me. Speed dating? Are you nuts? All the rejection you can possibly stomach in thirty seconds per person...no thank you. Geek or not, my fragile little psyche can't take that kind of beating.

What this all boils down to is I don't really like the 'entertainment factor' in exploiting us. I keep remembering the line from The Elephant Man: "I am not an animal!" We're not here for anyone's amusement. Date us or don't date us, it matters not...most of the people who will find this show funny aren't our cup of tea, anyway.

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