Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So, You Think You Want to be POTUS?

My last name isn't that common. There really aren't that many of us. A few years ago, an incident during a trip to Salt Lake City by my mother is what tipped us to the then-not-so-much-heard-of governor of Utah.

Mom was there to do some research at the central LDS library. Upon check-in at her hotel, the snotty clerk at the desk informed her that there was a problem with her reservation because of an upcoming rock concert. He hadn't even asked her name yet. When she supplied it, along with her confirmation number, the clerk's tone suddenly and dramatically altered. A manager materialized from nowhere, magically upgraded my mother's room at no charge, and apologized more than profusely.

It wasn't until the next evening at dinner in a nearby restaurant that a server shyly asked, when Mom presented her credit card, how she was related to the governor. That unusual, yet well-known-in-Utah surname, is one that we share.

And now he's gone and hit the trail in the presidential campaign.

I can't verify, though I do suspect, given that our last name is extremely uncommon, that I'm probably related to him somehow- the odds favor it. It doesn't really matter so much, except that I'm gearing up to tolerate some teasing from now until the Iowa primary, unless Jon Junior drops out of the race before that. Now might also be an excellent time to drop my landline phone, too, because I bet every crank from here to eternity is going to be calling.

I actually like a lot of the Huntsman platform from a purely political standpoint. I'd be supporting him for ideological reasons rather than our mutual last name. I'm a lifelong Republican who has been 'without country' for a long time now...and I worry that people's dislike of his LDS affiliation will tank the campaign. Sorry, kids, whether you like Mormons or not, there are already quite a few on both sides of my family and they put their pants on one leg at a time. It was an uphill struggle for us to get our first Catholic and first bi-racial presidents, too. Who knows? Maybe it's time for a Mormon. I'd rather have anyone with some common sense than some of the smoke-and-mirrors we're hearing from the other candidates.

So, at any rate, I guess I know who I'm for now, and I'd better go order my "Huntsman for President" shirt before my cousins buy them all out!

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