Monday, April 4, 2011

Win, Lose, or Draw

I've been campaigning steadily for a while now to rescue both Wayne and Hopkins from their current underemployment, without much success. The college was supposed to be advertising an IT position fairly soon that had some serious academic computing responsibility and it was going to be an equivalency, i.e., you could equivocate X amount of computer background or previous employment plus education instead of necessarily having degree-in-hand. We do tuition remission, which in Wayne's case, would work out spectacularly- as I understand it, he's not too far off completion of his bachelors'. Hopkins, I'm not so sure...he's been quiet for a while, so I would've sent him the position announcement and let it go, in the hope that he would at least read it first.

Last week, we found out that the IT facet of the job will be written into a faculty librarian position, for which neither of the aforementioned friends is qualified. Not that we don't need a librarian (we so totally NEED to replace my supervisor, who is retiring), it's just that I was hoping to improve somebody's situation with the IT job. Oh, well. We all know what's paved with good intentions. I do, however, have one friend from my undergrad days who is qualified for the librarianship if advertised that way- and his sense of humor is even drier than mine. We'll see what happens.

Thing is, I never meant to be pushy about it, but I also should've realized based on past experience that Hopkins would likely perceive it that way. Yes, it happens to be where I work- although that was one of my last considerations. It just sounded like his job was a little dead-end; at the very least, not a challenge and not making the most of his phreak-ninja programming abilities. Perhaps my recessive Mom gene kicked it too hard, who knows? Anyway, the job isn't going to happen, not the way it was originally conceived.

I want my friends to live up to their potential- if Hopkins thinks that whining about how his ship sailed a long time ago is going to cut ice with me, I'm the wrong audience for it. Wow, that's my control freak side manifesting, isn't it? "You're not a failure until I say you're a failure!" Even at that, you'll be waiting until the end of forever to hear it.

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