Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mourning On My Mind

The last several days have been...trying.

I thought that I'd escaped the Night of the Living Promotion Folder by successfully promoting to full professorship last year, but no, I got appointed to that very committee. My mentee is on her up-and-out, the life-or-death jump in academe. We are on the final push this week, concluding with a full-day of sequestering on Friday for critique and voting on all of the candidates.

Yesterday was the fifteenth anniversary of Stacy's death. I went off to my cousin's funeral on the other side of the state wearing a memento mori made at my request by a jewelry-crafter that commemorates the event. It was the second trip to a funeral home inside seven days. A friend's father, who was the same age as my mother, passed away suddenly on Valentine's Day, so I had to run home to Smalltownland one evening for the viewing. That Saturday, my mother's first cousin, passed away.

It points up something that I am loath to admit: I only see my family and childhood friends at the funeral home these days. Time was, it was weddings and funerals, but now...

It's a little depressing.

Anyway, I'm exhausted, behind on everything, and in need of a) a bag of dog food and b) some rest. Onward to the store...and hopefully, a little sleep at some point. I'll catch y'all in a few days, okay?

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