Monday, November 15, 2010

For most of you who are hardcore geeks, you already know about the opening of TRON:Legacy on December 17th. We've waited 28 years since the original TRON, and needless to say, the programming languages, software, and hardware have advanced significantly in the interim. If you have no idea whatsoever about what you just read, here's a thumbnail:

In TRON, a hacker gets distilled into a codestream and sucked into a virtual world, where he has to battle to stay alive. TRON:Legacy finds him cyberjacked back into this world, his son follows to try to save him and ends up doing battle in his father's stead. The whole thing takes place in this digital realm. So if you thought "The Matrix" was trippy, well...this brackets that trippiness and trumps it, on the Geek Factor alone.

The title of the blog is drawn from another early cyberdrama, Wargames, in which World War III is almost triggered by a young hacker. He disarms Armageddon by introducing a stalemate into the software. Stalemate is something I know about- and it's an appropriate reference.

I just issued another invitation to Hopkins that I expect to be ignored or rejected. TRON:Legacy will open in the Big City, and I plan to see it at least twice or three times, in one day or over the course of two consecutive days, just to be sure I didn't miss anything. I am circling the geek wagons, meaning that the next person to receive this invitation is none other than the hapless Wayne, my escort to Weird Al back in the summer. I just think this is something you should experience with your Geek Clique...'cause this is some serious Geek turf here.

When the original TRON came out, I was thirteen and totally uninterested in computers. I never in my wildest imagination expected to end up in a field dominated by electronic information, and I certainly never thought I'd have to learn a programming language. Can you tell my crystal ball was a little screwed up? I had yet to cross the threshold of our high school, too, where I ran smack into Hopkins again for the first time since Kindergarten, and began learning, as a means of being able to communicate with him, about computers. That eventually led to the brief period during which I was a minor player in the White Hat hacking culture at SFU, and brought me alongside to full-on geek cred.

Now, with TRON:Legacy about to launch, my life revolves around computers. I'm immersed in the technology, straddling the consumer techs but not dropping off into hardcore programming languages (hello, Hopkins, O God of Linux). I can spit game, but I know when to quit, too. I'm not in that league, but I run a close enough parallel to really REALLY want to see this movie.

Unlike the concert, though, I WILL go to this by myself if I must. I just don't want to. I'm willing to modify my plans for viewing location just to be among my tribe to see it. Anyway, no, it's still not a date, dude...but jeebus, won't you think about it this time???

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