Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Element of Surprise

In response to my blog about being alone for Thanksgiving, I've gotten a handful of invitations to spend the holiday proper with various folks in my circle of acquaintance.

One of those involved materializing somewhere that might send someone a) into convulsions and/or b) running into the night.

I don't like sneaking up on people. This would be an epic blindside of the first water and very nearly intriguing enough to consider...and if the deadly silence stretches out any further, I may just do it out of spite.

Ah, spite. Spite can be a great motivator in my life where certain people are concerned. I'm annoyed enough right now that my usual safeguards are easily circumvented, but the downside is that throughout my life, I've endured the stress of smiling across the holiday table when I'd just as soon run screaming from the room myself. Why borrow trouble?

The temptation to engage the opponent is strong, but my cowardice and unwillingness to be put, or to put someone else, on the spot is stronger. In the end, I am avoiding two friends to preserve the solitude of one of them; they're siblings, you see, and I cannot go and remain on neutral ground via reason of invitation. He'll be pissed, period.

Then again, I have to ask: "Do I care? Pissed would be an emotional response. It might be fun to see if he can fight it down."

A little passive-aggressive for my tastes...but I'm getting there faster than I care to admit. Do I dare expose children to the Tour de Sarcasm that will follow? Probably not a good idea. Tempting though it is to engage in geekbaiting (and I will prevail), I'd better just let it go. I have other invitations that won't provoke so much ire, or evoke as much drama.

That gets us past Thanksgiving. By Christmas, I might follow through.

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