Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spies Like Us

In high school, when we built our floats for the homecoming parade, groups of people from classes other than one's own would randomly pop up at the warehouse to check out the haps. The visitors would then scurry hurriedly back to their own warehouses to duly report the design, progress, etc., of the other class's float, feeling as if they'd accomplished something of genuine value.

Good grief, it's a float. It will be incinerated two days after the parade. Who caaaaaaaaares?

That's how I felt about it then, and that's kind of how I feel about it now. I do understand the concept of scouting the opposition- although I think there's some limit to its usefulness. Now, I'm an above average band nerd...I support my band, warts and all (I can accurately and honestly assess AND admit both our virtues and failings), but what purpose does it serve to send out spies to somebody else's practices? To scare yourselves? To give you a false sense of security that their show isn't as good as yours? To steal ideas so late in the season that you couldn't really effectively put those elements in your show at this point???

Jeez. What a waste of time.

In marching band, schools are assigned to their respective marching classes based on enrollment. There's no flexibility between classes, i.e., you can't "jump class" to "chase" a band you hate/fear/want to beat the way that we did back when class assignment wasn't fixed by state regulation. What will it help to go hang out at a practice for a band that is not in your size class? We're only a couple of weeks out from state finals at this point, so it's a completely rhetorical question. It's NOT going to help, so why don't you just stay home and work on your own show? THAT might actually accomplish something.

At this point in the season, the only things I'm worried about are dressing warmly and whether or not the ponyfall hair extensions I ordered to match the school colors are going to arrive in time for me to wear them to state- whether we make it to finals or not. The show is either there by now, or it's never gonna get there. That's the bottom line.

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