Monday, September 27, 2010

These are the days...

Autumn has found us, at last. It's time for homecomings, fall festivals, bonfires, school jackets, and marching season. It's also when I long for something I can't quite pin down, and never could.
I've been trolling around the band contests this fall by myself, because my most likely partners-in-crime for this activity are either engaged elsewhere (one friend's nephew is in a band that competes in a different area of the state) or employed by one of the bands (he popped his head out of the press box for about ten seconds last Saturday night, and that's all I saw of him). It will continue like this until Halloween weekend, which is also state marching finals. That's just how it is, and I'm not complaining, although I do get a little lonesome up in the stands. I guess that's more or less in my head, since parents from the other bands don't realize I don't have a child of my own competing. I just don't want to drift too far into trying to relive my glory days vicariously...because that never really works.

Being single and at loose ends again brings with it a special kind of wistfulness about this season- it's usually the time of year during which I'm most likely to be alone. Like most people, I have this ridiculous laundry list of the things I'm looking for- one of the items on mine is finding someone who's as taken with a really great harvest moon as I am...a few times when I was living back home, I drove out to watch it rise over the lake. I'd like to have a date for Halloween (and for marching finals) just this once. I'd like to enjoy the fall.

There's one of those little "like" applications floating around on Facebook at the moment about hoodies and bonfires and hayrides, all the cute fall datey-typey-stuff. That sounds just swell, but they all hinge on having a date. Frankly, I'm kind of tired of not getting to do those things- although no immediate solution appears to be on the horizon. It's always been a bit beyond the pale for me to expect my friends to fix me up- I think I've mentioned how "unique" (read: weird) I am, so I don't think any of them have a handy geek up their sleeves. I wish I knew what to do. If anybody has any ideas, I'm open to suggestions at this point.