Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What is it about math/science/computer geekboys? What is this strange mojo I have over them? Why does it never work when I want it to, and functions only when I don't?

There's been a little conversation bandied about lately regarding a distinct inattention to normal social cues. For example, I have never been able to pick up on it when someone's hitting on me. I absolutely cannot figure it out for some reason, which is further complicated by the fact that your average math/science/computer geekboy isn't really good at hitting on anybody in the first place. Add to that mix a humanities/social sciences/string theory hobbyist whose social skills in that area are non-existent, and you have a recipe for incipient, creeping failure.

It happened again yesterday. The reason I figured it out after the fact is that it turns out I know the guy's brother, and have heard for years about how awkward, shy, and anti-social he's supposed to be. I mean, seriously, this guy lived in The Big City as a recluse, attending grad school sort of furtively and working in a dead-end job. His major social interaction was his weekly Dungeons and Dragons campaign, and his preferred forms of entertainment are comic book collecting and playing first-person shooter video games. He suddenly materializes out of nowhere and spends a half-hour chatting me up, and in the course of it I mentioned that I'd scored a ticket to hear Sean Carroll speak at Idea Festival. We chatted happily on the recent "debunking" of Hawking's theories on Black Hole event horizons for a few minutes before he eventually wandered off.

Since I really didn't know who he was, after he left, I asked someone (he is absolutely nothing like his younger brother, and I'd never met him, I'd just heard about him a lot). There was this "Duh!" moment followed by a slow-burn of ""

In the last couple of weeks, I've been chatted up by several guys who undershot my age by a good ten years. This one is a handful of years younger than I am, but I got the impression while I was talking to him that he thought I was a few years his junior. I'm about four years older. Not that it matters, since it took me almost an hour to realize that he was interested in me. Nurrr.

See, that's the downside to being a Geekette. I have all the features of geek dysfunction overlaid with female hormones. Joy. Rapture. On that note, I need some serious coffee because the realization of how slow I was on the uptake kind of kept me awake last night.

If only this worked on command. *sigh*

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