Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Frost is (not quite) on the Pumpkin

Well, it's a little more than a month until Halloween. The state marching band prelims and finals are on Saturday, October 30th, in Louisville, so I have an idea of where I might be then. Problem is that I may have to attend finals in costume...I can't drive in the boots I'm probably wearing for that and I have to have help putting them on. It's a long story, but I was Goth in high school and it's the only time I can overtly air that persona now without getting a lot of strange looks.

The great thing about Halloween is that I can be somebody else for a night- I can create an altered version of myself that has enough confidence to get out there and roll with it. I remember going to a gay bar in the Big City a few years ago as a Fifties Poodle skirt girl, with my friend as my poodle- complete with leash. We passed out business cards all night about my AKC Standard Poodle standing at stud (well, it was a GAY BAR and he was single at the time), but in the end, we just weren't naked enough to bring home a prize. It was also so crowded that we gutted it out for three hours or so and then headed out to Denny's to decompress before going home.

That's really the last time I went out for Halloween. Last year, it was my parents' Golden Anniversary, so I went home and answered their door all night. I'd probably be there again if it weren't for my marching band plans...my buddy the poodle has a partner now, so I am a hag sans fag. Let's just say my social opportunities are a little constrained at present.

Last year, since I was going to be home, I didn't dress up for work. The best costume was probably the year that I wore a leather corset (a real one, not one of those cheap cinchers from a cheesy lingerie shop), ball skirt, and a purple cloak that concealed the whole thing until I got inside and unveiled- the pictures from that day became part of the library's reading promotional campaign the next year. I did look pretty good, actually. Year before last, though, I donned a Civil War gown and gave it my best Melanie Wilkes. Great costume, but it kind of wore me rather than the other way around.

My feelings are mixed this year. I have a contingency plan for an outfit, but I really have nowhere to wear it. I'll probably be in Louisville, but that doesn't mean I'll have anywhere to go once the last salvo is played at KMEA finals-

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