Thursday, September 9, 2010

Be Thankful for What You Have

The last several days have been a study in gratitude, or lack thereof.

I am always grateful for lessons that I learn, even if I learn them the hard way. I don't think anything is ever wasted, regardless of what my ex says.

Yesterday, one of my classmates posted that her physician has told her that she will eventually lose the use of her legs. We are only in our early forties. I don't know what caused it and I'm really sort of afraid to ask. I just hate it for her. This shouldn't be happening.

  • I am grateful for the use of my legs and that I do not fear the loss of it.

On Monday night, a fifteen year-old boy was killed in a motorbike accident back home. At the same age, my sister was thrown from a car, an accident that nearly killed her.

  • I am grateful that my sister survived.

One of my friends developed a serious nosebleed that continued for four hours last night. He is being treated for it today. I am prone to nosebleeds and am truly concerned about this. Something similar happened last year, so I hope that it's secondary to allergic rhinitis. My sister, mother, several cousins, academic team coach, one of the AT players I coached, and Hopkins are all diabetic, and despite having been regularly tested since I was fourteen, I am not.

  • I am grateful for my health

My aunt, who is only sixteen months younger than my father, underwent a balloon catheterization for a partially blocked artery in her heart and had three polyps removed from her colon. She nearly died back in the spring from a ruptured colon, and at the same time, their younger sister was hospitalized with sepsis related to the removal of a kidney stone. Their youngest brother's wife died suddenly while they were both in the hospital- she was only sixty, and it was completely unexpected. Despite my mother's recent health scares, they have been minor in comparison to 2007, when she was in a cardiac telemetry unit for several weeks.

  • I am grateful because it could've been so much worse. Losing Aunt Mary was a shock, but all of them might have died.

I spend a fortune on my dogs' health. A raging gastric bug that took down both of my Airedales set me back $300 and touched off a raft of correspondence with the dog food manufacturer. It took a couple of weeks for everything to settle back down, but eventually, it did. One of my rescues from last week is heartworm positive. The treatments might kill him because the worms are already present, though thankfully, his worm load is very minor.

  • I am grateful because my dogs' health problems are simple and easily cured.

My best friend lost her job a couple of months ago and is struggling to find a new one. Another friend is in danger of the business for which she works being sold and losing her job, and she has three children for whom she is the sole support.

  • I am grateful to have my job and to be employed at a level appropriate to my experience and credentials.

For it to have been a "short week" due to the Monday civic holiday, it's been jammed with a lot of stressors. I've really been fighting to keep my normal sarcasm and negativity from deepening. I read my friend Synthia's thoughts for the day and wonder sometimes when and how she got so unbelievably wise, so I thought I'd try something different and put some of what she suggests into practice.

It's a Thursday, I'm grateful, and it's time to move forward.

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