Monday, August 2, 2010

No Drama. No Kidding.

I think this captures my frustration level over the band fundraising issues back home right now. I just got off the phone with the assistant director, who is someone I've known all my life. I don't know where this devolved, but when I get an e-mail from somebody else I know telling me that they've heard that the fundraising needs have been exaggerated- I can quote the figures. Furthermore, I'm not impressed and/or scared. I don't know how much is in the booster account, and I don't care, as long as that, combined with the alumni push, makes up enough cash to field what is shaping up as a hugely innovative show this year.

Even if there's an overage, let's just say that I already know about the concert attire thing and that's probably going to be our next project. We need to get the competition show fielded and traveling first. If you have an ulterior motive or an overwhelming taste for drama, an expert drama queen died in 1996 and left me his mantle. He taught me how to cut through this back in the day and I owe it to him, to everyone else with whom we marched, and to the current crop of bandies to bring it. Don't make me beat you with my sparkly rifle; it belonged to Stacy and I still have it.

I'm normally about as fierce as a bunny slipper, but there are a few things about which I advise you to not get in my way:
1. My family, especially my sister
2. Hopkins
3. animal rescue

There is no need to overcomplicate is an ultra-simple concept. The band needs money, we're going to raise money and give it to, yes, you guessed it, the band. We are encouraging that money be sent to the high school, checks memoed to the band account. It doesn't have to pass through anybody else's hands that way. If you could march and play an instrument at the same time, you are capable of working through this logic. You should also be aware in case you have forgotten it that it's ONE BAND. ONE PURPOSE. Everything else is immaterial. If you've lost that focus, you need to get it back. Now.

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