Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Kate Winslet Voiceover in my Head

The Holiday is a cute little movie that I like a lot, and Kate Winslet has this soliloquy at the beginning where she addresses a lot of things, including breakups and her character's problem, unrequited love. It's on continuous loop in my brain right now, which may have something to do with the massive headache I've got.

I was dating a great guy, previously blogged about as The Boyfriend. He really is a great guy, for whom I have the utmost respect (yes, I know how trite it sounds, but for those of you who do actually know me well, you know I'm not being trite) - but I've been a little screwy of late and it just wasn't fair to him at all to keep dragging him around in the wake of it. In consequence, I will probably die alone and be eaten by wild dogs. That will be my own damn fault.

My stress always manifests in a tangible way, and I was walking around belching quietly while my stomach launched its protest...and I wondered if an ulcer might suddenly opt to put in a guest appearance- I haven't eaten since this morning, so my friend Ralph is not getting a shot at this. My shoulders knotted, and, the coup de grace, the knee that I shattered in high school tightened up to the point that I'm limping. Then there's this headache.

Tomorrow I'll feel like I was beaten with an axe handle.

Okay, I still haven't slept, so I'm tired, punchy, sore and depressed. Why does doing the right thing usually suck so much? My momma always said that what's easy isn't right and what's right is never easy.

I always hate admitting that my mother was right about things...


usul_shadowsedge said...

My voice-over alternates between Leonard Nimoy and John Malkovich. Sometimes they argue. I think Nimoy is my left brain and Malkovich is my right brain. Or maybe Nimoy represents my rational side and Malkovich is everything else. Or, I am just loony. I will let the jury decide, but likely they will pick option C.
I am sorry to hear that you all had to call off the relationship. I hope that you can find some peace within all the turmoil.

AiredaleGirl said...

If nothing else, I'm finding distraction in having to kick serious band booster butt over the fundraising thing. There are a great many of those people who don't know me- let's give that one to Dr. Banner..."You won't like me when I'm angry." Or Samuel L. Jackson? WAIT, I've GOT IT: JAMES EARL JONES!