Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daddy Brought the Shotgun

A wedding back home brought back a few memories, and highlighted something about which my mother was actually wrong. In her family, there've been a few shotgun weddings followed within seven or eight months by the birth of a new cousin- and both her nephew and great-nephew are still very much married to the mothers of those children. However, my mother used to insist, when the odd peer would march off to the altar with Daddy in hot pursuit, that marriages contracted under those circumstances would never last.

I can name three off the top of my head that have, for more than twenty years each. I would've killed all three husbands as soon as looked at them in high school, but they've all grown up to be decent men and good fathers. I don't think that they ever had it easy, but one thing they did have to do was grow up quickly and do it together. They've defied the odds and they're still married, unlike many of our peers who married strictly by choice and on a non-imperative schedule.

...and they have good kids. Nice kids. Decent, well-behaved kids.

I just thought it was interesting, anecdotally, anyway. And, well, Mom was wrong...

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