Thursday, July 8, 2010

Have Tickets, Will Travel

Well, I've found out that Weird Al has a photo restriction on the concert, so rather than risk it, I've abandoned my idea about the binary message. Not that it matters, particularly, since communication with Hopkins seems to have evaporated as quickly as it materialized; once a recluse, always a recluse, I suppose. Yes, it bothers me, but I refuse to let it bum me out for the time being.

Anyway, my supervisor is running late, our afternoon workstudy is off for the rest of the week with a family emergency, and I really REALLY need to go home to redo my makeup, get the tickets, and change clothes. Wayne is supposed to be here in about forty-five minutes- it's a two-and-a-half-hour drive once we get on the road. Uptight much? Moving on.

This is the Big Event of my summer, and then tomorrow immediately after work, I have to transport a rescued Airedale to the City of Hopkins' Current Residence, a shade over a hundred miles south of where I live. I'm just all over the place this week. Anyway, I hope my supervisor shows up soon...if not, I'm kind of SOL.

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