Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Don't Try This @ Home

For some reason, the scientific mind can be, well, unquiet.

This leads to some really strange experimentation that may or may not be related to one's more inquisitive bent, such making, or the brewing of beer, or, heaven help us, home canning.

I understand that canning is making a comeback. Most everybody with whom I grew up had more than passing familiarity with this process, having sweated it out in the kitchen with various of our female relatives as the tomatoes, green beans, pickles, preserves, etc., were laid down using mason jars, a canner, and a WHOLE lot of elbow grease. What's amusing is that one of my male friends of a very kitchen-mad scientist sort of bent has apparently decided that canning would be a useful and "green" hobby to pursue.

This scares me. I was around when he blew up more than one thing not in the chemistry textbook out of sheer boredom.

See, you don't want the Beautiful Minds to get bored. Nothing good can really come of it, although I hope his relatives have a garden floating around somewhere that he can, uh, let's just call it what it is, kids- victimize, as his general culinary ability as I knew it was distinctly lacking. This is going to turn out along the lines of my beloved (if not inept in the kitchen) godmother's cooking skills: it may be pretty, it may be accurate, but is it edible? Nine times out of ten, bless her heart, the answer's no, so I'm kind of betting that this is how his latest flight of fancy is going to pan out.

Which brings me to the next point: if you're that bored, I really think you should probably be back in college. In chemistry. Or culinary arts. Or something, anything- before you blow up the kitchen and yourself along with it...

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Farmchick said...

I think canning is kind of interesting, but I only experienced it on summer vacations here in Smalltownland. My grandma's kitchen, no A/C, and some serious sweat. Funny how I think about doing it, but never quite getting around to it myself. lol

Good luck to your friend!