Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's a Rope, Here's a Tree

My sister and I have inherited a really deep-seated stubbornness from both sides of the family. This has proved a little wearisome as our parents have aged, since once one of us really digs in, nothing's going to change our minds. Mom and Dad are very much determined to stay in their own home, unassisted, for as long as they can manage (with a little help, I might add, from us- I'm headed to Smalltownland to do their WalMart run tomorrow, along with washing whatever laundry happens to be lying around). To that end, we've tried to convince them to make a few modifications to the house, such as converting the formal living room into a downstairs bedroom and adding a full bath on the ground floor.

This has met with some resistance.

Today's round involves a dispute between my sister and our mother over putting in one of those walk-in bathtubs. While that's a fantastic idea, Mom wants to install it upstairs (not fantastic). Since the real problem is her inability to easily scale the stairs, my sister had the temerity to point it out and suggest that the tub needed to be downstairs. Mom blew up at her, and I got a voicemail from Little Sister warning me that they'd had this argument. Since I have to be over there tomorrow, I will inevitably catch the fallout.

Why is it that I didn't see this coming? It's a family-related holiday, after all. Naturally there had to be some kind of blow-up. I just loves me some holidays at the Chez, lemmetellya! Oh, and for extra fun, I'm transporting an Airedale to Louisville and have to stay with my sister overnight on Friday. Just direct me to the nearest uniform supply house so I can buy the vertically-striped referee top and a whistle. I think I may need them before the week is over...

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