Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

There is, as I've mentioned, a Weird Al concert coming up in Knoxville in July. Given my resistance to going by myself, I asked a friend from high school who is also a fan. Initially, he had other plans, but those changed. I still have to confirm, but I think I'm probably good to go now.

Since I'm (infrequently) corresponding with Hopkins, I mentioned it to him because he loves Weird fact, he's the one who put me onto Weird Al in the first place...along with the name of the mutual friend (let's say it together, kids: This is not a date!) to indicate that I was not attending alone.

Hopkins is a code monkey of the first water, and I didn't think for a second that it was an unreasonable expectation that he'd figure out where to get tickets if he wanted them. If he bought them and then said, "Oh, see you there!", fine. I just wasn't going to be creepy and issue a direct invitation.

He couldn't find the right link for tickets, and aired his disappointment that he believed the concert was sold out. I happened to know better; enter Airedalebrarian.

Time being somewhat of the essence, because the tickets are selling, I shot back an e-mail that night (violating the established 48-hour response delay protocol- don't ask, it will only make your head hurt) in case he wanted to get on it right away. The following morning, I got a reply thanking me for the invitation, but declining on the basis that he can't get off work.

I'm sitting there thinking, "What invitation?" when it hit me that he'd interpreted the fact that I'd sent him the link to tickets from the venue's website, which at the Historic Tennessee Theater is labeled 'invite', as my asking him to the concert. I also sent him the URL in an e-mail because as I explained, I thought the spam filter might catch the 'invite'-generated link.


So now, even though all I did was refer him to correct information, he likely thinks I was being pushy. Is there somewhere I can hide? Explaining would only make it worse, so I wrote a slightly flip response that perhaps Weird Al would eventually swing back through at a more convenient time. As much as I want to see him, he's sort of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory...he's like a little baby deer, he spooks if you move too sudden...

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