Sunday, May 16, 2010

Self-Rescuing Princess, v. 2.0

A while back, before I had an actual blog, after watching several of my childhood friends go through relationship meltdowns, I thought two things: first, there but for the grace go I and indeed-I have more than once already in my lifetime- and second, it's our choice whether we push forward with strength in the wake of these trials or fold up into a neat little pile to weep in the corner. Where I grew up, girls have a lot of what old folks call 'moxie', and we aren't bred to take anything lying down. What I wrote at the time was further inspired by a Think Geek t-shirt that I bought shortly thereafter that reads "Self-Rescuing Princess". I wrote it all up as a Facebook note and just haven't gotten around to transferring it here.

One of the things I mentioned is that I, who was never considered particularly mechanically-inclined growing up, have rewired several items in my home, including a major repair of my oven. I couldn't sit around waiting for Prince Charming to show up and do it for me, so I downloaded the schematics from the Web, ordered the parts and a couple of specialized appliance tools, and got to work. I didn't electrocute myself and at the end of it, the oven worked again, so one assumes that I did it correctly.

Yesterday as I was on the way out the front door to make a three-hour trip to attend laser tag for a friend's birthday, the doorknob literally fell off in my hand. I remember my landlord telling me when I rented the house ten years ago that he'd put all new locks on the front door and that they were tandem-keyed. I suppose ten years is a pretty good run, although my parents' house was built in 1972 and all of the original locks are still fully functional...oh, well. Today's project consists of getting over to Lowe's, finding a new front doorknob with a lock in it, and getting it put on. Wish me luck. At least the doorknob can't potentially electrocute me!

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