Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hanging Fire

In honor of Geek Pride Day, a little something about quick recall team...

Every once in a great while, I hit upon a seriously bad idea.

Take, for example, my recent thoughts on choice of a new hobby: fencing or roller derby. Fencing isn't really a new one, as my father fenced in college and taught me a few basic moves as a kid; I have, however, dislocated each of my shoulders, so it's difficult for me to hold up a foil for an extended period of time...that's pretty much out. Roller derby ended up nixed for a fairly simple reason as well: you have to be able to recover, handless, from a knee fall, within two seconds. I shattered my left kneecap in high school, so I can't put any weight on it- I have to use my hands to get out of a kneeling stance. Oh, well. Back to the drawing board!

The other remotely poor idea centers around the Kentucky Association for Academic Competition's annual Alumni Shootout. This year is the *cough**cough* twenty-fifth anniversary of the association...and I'm a charter player from the 1985-86 season. We played in a regional league for a couple of years, before the state association was established- but we were there at the beginning, Hopkins officially helming this happy band of misfits as Our Fearless Leader, i.e., varsity captain.

My job, as second chair, was to sit there and glare at him during bonuses until he either answered or designated me to do it. As captain in my senior year, part of my job, apparently (and unintentionally) was to shriek, at one of the long-suffering juniors (who incidentally, followed me as captain), "SHUT UP, Wayne!"

And yes, bless his heart, that's the same Wayne who is accompanying me to the Weird Al concert in July...

So, all things being equal and having come up with this idea about doing the Alumni Shootout with the original team quite a while back and very much prior to digging Hopkins up, I finally e-mailed him about it a couple of days ago.

I've heard absolutely nothing, which makes me a little nervous. So, yeah, we're forty-odd years old and it's kind of a wacky idea, but...I coached quick recall at the college level for ten years. I have a response system (buzzers) and enough question sets to keep everybody hoppin' well before actually making this appearance. As I explained to him, I'm not throwing anybody up onstage without some practice.

I thought it would be fun, but perhaps as a coach I'm the only one who'd think so, simply because I've remained close to the activity as an adult. The thing is, without Hopkins, it won't work. I haven't even floated this idea to the other two, Her Honor having the most difficult schedule to clear as a district judge- it would be pointless if Hopkins refuses.

So I'm sitting here on my hands, hoping for the best and expecting the worst. It's silly, really, but how many things in life that are silly seem to end up mattering far more than they should?

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