Thursday, April 29, 2010

Charmed and Strange

My new Quantum Tarot arrived yesterday. I unwrapped it, pulled out the LWB (little white book), and started reviewing the card descriptions. The one that immediately caught my attention was for the Two of Cups, which is, if you're unfamiliar with tarot in general, something you probably want to pull apropos of relationships rather than The Lovers. The Two of Cups is more innocent, and can be everything from deep friendship to romantic love.

In this deck, it's represented by quarks, subatomic particles that are paired and named. One of the pairs is "charmed" and "strange", also called "truth" and "beauty".

I felt the double entendre wash over me. If you know anything about the nature of quarks, or of that particular pair, it's one hell of an in-joke. On a certain level, it even manages to be self-deprecating. That card turned up in a recent reading of me by one of my own tarot proteges- so I mentally started running back through it substituting the cards from the Quantum Deck for those in the deck he used. As Spock would say, "Fascinating."

I've been reading tarot since I was twenty. I got started during a particularly emotional period in my life, and I've always used it as a tool for personal reflection. For many years, I collected tarot decks of different designs and backgrounds (I tend more toward Rider-Waite-Smith decks versus, say, Marseilles-style decks) and really only used one, the Hanson-Roberts, for reading. For the last several years, I'd stopped, more or less because I didn't have a deck that I liked or that "spoke" to me. Without even removing the shrink wrap from the deck itself, I have a distinct feeling that I will actually use the Quantum.

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