Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Last Word in Automotive Accessories

My current place of residence is home to a huge car show every month between April and October. In fact, this little shindig was featured in Hot Rod Magazine last summer, the visitation of which caused no small stir in town. We even surrendered our campus to this event, shutting down to allow the DJ and many of the show cars to set up in our parking lots.

You could say we're a little crazy on the point of things automotive. The college is developing a classic car restoration major within our automotive repair program. Here in town, there are many places at which one may acquire all sorts of doodads to go on one's car...however, tonight I witnessed something a

After work, I ran out to the grocery to pick up a few things. As I was driving home across the street where the college is located, I got behind an old Ford F-150 that was loaded down with scrap metal. The guy kept braking every five or ten feet, so I couldn't avoid paying close attention to him. We got to the four way stop below the nursing building- it was then that I noticed something dangling out the window in the passenger's hand. I squinted to see what it was and the horror washed over me:

It was the flattened corpse of a squirrel.

I grew up sixty miles from here in a much smaller farming town, but I had never, EVER in my life seen somebody riding along dangling roadkill out the window of a vehicle. I could almost hear "Duelling Banjos" playing faintly in the background as we inched past the campus. We got past the second entrance to campus and had just started up a small rise when the driver decided to randomly hang a left. I got one more prolonged look at the pancaked squirrel as they swung out in front of some poor guy in a Honda Pilot and disappeared in the general direction of Wal Mart.

So there you have it folks: the fashion icons of Lake Redneckville have thrown down the gauntlet. We dare you to top a flat, dessicated dead squirrel for automotive chic!

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