Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Annual Flying of the Termites

A few minutes ago, I heard our workstudy student, Linda, announce from the service desk area: "They're baaaack!"

I emerged from the office to see her pointing to a small pile of swarming, winged insects. Ah, 'tis springtime and the bloody termites are back for their annual visit! The assistant director placed a call to the maintenance office, and a few minutes later, one of the custodians arrived with a can of termite spray. She asked if we would mind the smell- we told her no, we'd mind the smell a lot less than we minded being flown into by termites.

I already had a headache and some nausea- I think I might be coming down with some kind of bug (no pun intended)- but that lovely chemical odor is not helping. I've got an advisee coming in at 1:00 this afternoon and we may set the speed record for advising appointments so I can go home. I'm getting greener around the gills with every passing second- let's just hope that the only thing this junk kills is the termites. The gentleman who cleans the building every night will probably have to vacuum up the termite corpses during his shift.

Why couldn't we have something other than termites to herald the onset of spring? Something cute...something cuddly....oh, well. Two years ago, a nest of skunks took up residence under my office window, proof that there are definitely worse odors than termite spray!

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