Saturday, February 27, 2010


Would someone who has children kindly explain to me when it became wise or appropriate to dress one's primary school-aged child like a tiny streetwalker? When did heavy cosmetics and elaborately bleached/dyed/styled hair and spandex hotpants become de rigueur for eight year-olds? This is not costuming. This is 'dressed and out in the public eye'. Shall we blame The Media or Bratz dolls? Personally, I'm going to trot right out there and blame the parents.

I feel so completely old and crusty writing it, but I can also recall seeing a child of about the same age in the WalMart back home a few years ago in a midriff-baring stretch-velvet outfit with enough makeup on to make Marilyn Manson cringe. The whole look was completed with miniscule clear plastic stripper mules. It was utterly macabre.

Last weekend, The Boyfriend and I were dining at an Italian restaurant when I noticed a four year-old at the next table who was wearing knee boots with 1" kitten heels. She'd first caught my attention because her little outfit was otherwise cute, and then the full horror of it hit me. She had on more cosmetics than I generally wear to a formal event. This child was kindergarten age. She hadn't just come from the Miss Tiny Tot pageant; she'd just come from church. I was brought up Presbyterian, aka God's Frozen Chosen, but we're not that uptight (particularly not the congregation back home)- where do those people go, Church of the Infant Hooker?

I understand that things have changed, and there are those who will light into me over this because I don't have children (ergo, I am not really entitled to an opinion). However, this is just wrong. Folks, your daughters will have enough to face when they hit high school and college. Let them be children while there's still opportunity. You're in more control of this situation than you might think. Don't lock them up or hide them under a rock or anything, but don't let them turn into Pimp-Me-Barbie before they hit fourth grade!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I can remember when I was a kid, in an upper middle class affluent neighborhood - it was de rigeur to set out hair in bobbie pins for a really curly effect. Some poor little girls even had their mommies give them permanents AND some were bleached blonde. I am 54 so this was in the 50s, 60s.

Buster's Mom

AiredaleGirl said...

This little girl is bleached white-platinum with black roots, but I think it's the added bonus of the hotpants that's killing me. My grandmother used to set my aunts' hair with bobbie pins when they were little, and that was in the late 1930s and early 1940s.