Tuesday, January 26, 2010

That Looks Like It Hurt

There's a young woman in the computer lab right now who has three, count 'em, three barbell piercings through her left eyebrow. I also recently joked with a high school friend who just turned forty that if he'll get the inappropriate tattoo, I'll have my nose pierced. We had a good laugh- since he made it through the Navy without the obligatory tattoo, I think I can continue quite readily without a pierced nose.

Not that I'm averse to piercings; my Cherokee ancestry dictates that I just can't have them without some kind of problem. My ears were pierced by my family physician, and I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter; they still got infected. I let the piercings close up.

The first time I saw a pierced nose 'in the flesh' was on the girl working the desk at my college in England. Since Koo Stark, the porn actress, dated Prince Andrew, nose piercings were on the rise among girls of non-Indian descent in the United Kingdom. It looked waaay cool, so one of the girls in my group asked where one could get it done. You could hear her mother's anguish all over the Greater Cincinnati Airport when we got home. So much for being a trendsetter!

I would probably be first in line to forge the permission slip for a slightly less-than-average piercing if I were sixteen or so right now...but I'm not. I'm looking at this and feeling old and curmudgeonly. To my friends with children: good luck. It's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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