Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beaux Arts Madness

For several years in a row, I attended the Beaux Arts Ball in Lexington. Now, yes, that's a fundraiser, but no, definitely not of the black tie/dance-like-you-need-dentures-AND-depends variety. It's a big, eclectic, funky free-for-all masquerade with a thumping sound track and a true "anything goes" vibe.

One of the challenges for Les Beaux Arts is finding an appropriately off-the-wall costume. I typically trot out the Goth- the last time I went, some UK student kept buying drinks for my leather corset- although the year I flattened my car the week prior, I donned cutoffs, a gingham shirt, and pigtails so I could justify flat shoes as a 'Hee-Haw girl'. The best costume to date, though, was the year that my friend Shane and I found an orange polyester doubleknit formal a la Tammy Wynette at the local Goodwill. He paired it with a platinum wig and long opera gloves; it was a total hit and cost about $20 altogether. You'll literally see just about everything, from buck-naked to dresses made from bubble wrap, to the state cabinet official rockin' her panniered costume from the Venice Carnivale (how that woman got in and out of the port-a-john is still a mystery to me, but I saw her do it).

So the Beaux Arts will roll April 10th, location TBA. I've ordered my boots, and let me tell ya: Sasha Fierce will be in full effect. Be there or be vanilla, my children!

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